Our Proposition

CTE’s unique proposition is to help event owners, rights-holders and sponsors extract and build more value from their Photographic Assets.

Our Services

CTE has specialist teams to analyse different sporting sectors in order to identify and deliver a range of engagement and experiential activities, using latest digital technology, online and onsite platforms and marketing channels.  CTE can tailor communications & experiences to specific audiences:

B2B – Event owners, rights-holders and sponsors: Providing business solutions and models which build commercial and marketing value by engaging more closely with key target customer and stake-holder groups

B2C – Participants, Spectators and Fans: Providing business solutions and models which deliver compelling and long lasting personal mementos of the unique event experience  

To request an initial and complimentary overview of how CTE could help you extract more value from your Photographic Assets, please complete and return our form – CLICK HERE


Our Products

Based on providing official services for a wide range of major events, CTE has an unrivalled portfolio of quality photographic products, which is constantly being reviewed and updated.  Here are just a few examples of products which have proved popular amongst B2B and B2C customers, each offering the opportunity to reflect relevant event and brand values, as well as personalisation:

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Personalised Montages

Nothing else captures the moment quite like one of our bespoke montages. If you like the look of a number of images from the photo gallery then why not place a commission with us for just £30 to begin your own personally crafted design. A simple step-by-step guide is provided below detailing what to do next.


Step 1

Contact us on (00) (44) 1732 46 30 10 or sales@capturetheevent.com for details on how to make a £30 deposit payment to begin your design*

Step 2

A montage can be produced with between 5 – 15 images (although anything is possible) and we will select these for you and place them into your own file. Alternatively if you would prefer to choose the images to be included then simply note the reference numbers of images from the photo gallery and let us know them when you place the deposit.

Step 3

We will email you the 1st draft of your bespoke and well crafted montage design within 15 working days along with all the images we have found to produce it from. You are then able to suggest any changes that you would like to make to it.

Step 4

We will be in contact with you throughout the whole process until you are completely happy with the design. We then arrange final payment and delivery details with you before dispatch.

* If the montage is not achievable or of a suitable standard the deposit can be used for single prints or digital images or is fully refundable.